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Did you know you can also see Hayden Panettiere Nude ?

Friday, February 10th, 2017

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Obviously they are fake right lol, but fuck so hot to imagine her butt naked like that with a huge cock in her tight little pussy.
I really love her body type, and I think these fake hardcore pictures hits that pretty well.

I heard rumours there is a video on Pornmaki Celebs with her, but I am not sure if that is true. I personally couldn’t find it but maybe it is there or maybe its on Mrskin.

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Hayden Panettiere Gives Great Blowjobs

Monday, September 13th, 2010

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Who would have thought that Hayden Panettiere, with her sweet and charming appearance, can be capable of giving these stude some serious lip action? The pictures below show the petite blonde bombshell in the act of giving these lucky bastards the patented Hollywood blowjob! Don’t these hot pictures of Hayden Panettiere just want to make you whip out your cock and start wanking?

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This guy must have creamed her face in no time at all. I would have too, if the lips licking my pole belonged to this Hollywood hottie. These are great, hardcore blowjob pics of this actress and now they’re available for you. If you want to see more of Hayden’s hot lips in dick-sucking action action, check out these sexy photos of Hayden Panettiere.

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Hayden Panettiere dreams to be a midget pornstar

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Some call her a ‘hot midget‘. Others a ‘sexy troll‘. It may be that those people who call her that are hatersand trying to ruin her career. Methinks she actually do love to be in the same category as Bridget the Midget, a famous midget pornstar who can take a 12-inch black cock in every position known in the book of Kama Sutra. Damn I fucking love that midget. Anyway, as I was saying, I am pretty sure the Heroes star has a fetish for some midget sex. To prove my point, here’s a photo of her and her latest boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko.

I don’t think it takes a scientist to try and figure out what the deal is because it’s clear. Hayden Panettiere wants to be the giant fucker midget. If you ask me dude, i think that shit is hot. I want to see her and Bridget sharing a double-ended dildo and fucking each other ala Dita Von Teese style. Now that’s some cum-inducing shit right there. They would ofcourse both get fucked in the pussy and ass in the bed by two studs three times their size and the last scene would have to be a  bukkake, with Hayden and Bridget getting cum all over their face by a group of horny black studs. Damn that idea is as sick as my mind but I’m sure as fuck I’m not the only one.

Hayden Panettiere’s Pussy Is Stretched To The Limit

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

With all the dirty things Hayden’s been doing lately, seen here and on other blogs, too, it’s no surprise that her once-tight pussy is now a big, wet, pink hole where everyone’s dick comes to visit.  Just look at her showing off her clit here.  It’s such a big and juicy hole now, easy to spread open and stuff with anything you want, as this one girl demonstrated recently, by giving Hayden a fisting that she wouldn’t have been able to take before.  but now that chick’s hand fits right in there, although Hayden does seem to be having a harder time with it than with a cock, for example.  I guess that means there’s still room for improvement, and she still needs some work before she can say her pussy’s at its limit.

And if you want to see her work on it even more, check out Hayden Panettiere’s dirty and raunchy activities at that link’s site!

Hayden Teaches Kristen Bell How To Suck Cock Real Good

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Hayden’s predilection for sucking cock has spread to another member of the “Heroes” cast, and luckily for us, it’s another hottie who’s decided to take up Hayden’s hobby and start swallowing those schlongs.  Whew!  We’re glad it’s not one of the guys she’s convinced to start giving blowjobs.  It’s the lovely Kristen Bell, who has a huge following of her own, that she’s cajoled into getting naked with her and wrapping her lips around some guy’s hard dick.  With two hotties like these girls sucking on your hard-on, it won’t be long before you cum hard with a big, sticky  explosion, like a special effect from their TV series!

You got not just one, but two horny hotties in this one, and if you want more of that dirty celebrity stuff, check this site out, and have the stickiest time of your life!

Hayden Panettiere, Blowjob Princess?

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Real cheerleaders are great at giving head, everybody knows that.  It’s generally an open secret that part of their job is to give blowjobs to the hot studs of their team, both as a reward, and as an incentive to win.  Well, it looks like Hayden Panettiere has really taken her character of Claire Bennet to heart because she’s been on a cocksucking spree recently that would do any real cheerleader proud!

She’s steadily getting better at pleasing cock with her mouth too, with her initial nibblings turning into full-on deep throating, and now she’s even handling more than one cock at once during some of her sessions.  Now that’s the kind of gal we love, one who constantly gets better at getting guys to cum and cum hard.  It’s a super power all women ought to develop, in our opinion!

And for more of Hayden Panettiere’s raunchy activities caught  by the camera, check out this site, and see what every horny Hayden Panettiere fan is talking about!

Hayden Panettiere Flashing Pussy And Getting Drunk

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

It looks like the cancellation of the rest of the second season of “Heroes” hit Hayden Panettiere pretty hard.  Just like everybody else, she suddenly found herself with nothing to do except wait for her agent to reschedule her itinerary.  Well, there was a big comic convention coming up, as well as her unfinished album to work on, but I guess the initial shock of the writer’s strike just drove Hayden to go on a bender.  And so our wholesome cheerleader got drunk, and this is what happens — Hayden sitting in the yard of some Hollywood friend’s house, drunk, maybe even stoned, and flashing her pussy at anyone lucky enough to drop by, like this dude with his camera.  We don’t know if she did anything else with that pussy besides flash it, but from the smile on our contact’s face, we have an idea on what might have happened that day…

For more views of Hayden Panettiere naked and doing more than just flashing her sweet snatch, check out that link we just posted, and you’ll be swimming in more pics of Hayden’s quim than you can handle!

Hayden Panettiere At A Nude Beach With Some Friends

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

With the second season of “Heroes” abruptly shortened by this year’s writer’s strike, Hayden Panettiere and the rest of the cast had a lot of free time on their hands.  Although Hayden had other commitments, like working on her debut album and attending the big San Diego Comic Con, there was still lots of time for her to go on vacation with some close pals, and it looks like our naughty little cheerleader decided to hit some nude beaches with her equally hot friends.  Of course, being the young Hollywood hottie that she is, Hayden joined in on the wild topless fun with her pals, and even posed for some really hot photos to commemorate their fun times together before she has to get back to work for the eagerly-anticipated third season of her hit show!

Topless fake cheerleaders are just as hot as topless real ones, don’t you think?  Well, if it’s Hayden Panettiere, you bet that’s true, and if you want to see more of her nude and naughty, then just click this link!